Budapest Tree of Life

Sometimes I take photos of things that may be of more interest historically than photographically. In the center of Budapest is a large Temple and in the courtyard is a tree with leaves made of metal. Each leaf has the name of someone who died in a Nazis concentration camp. It is called The Tree of Life: a very moving tribute to those who perished.


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Blue Vase by My Door

As I was walking out my front door, I noticed how beautiful a blue vase looked in the window. Could I capture it with my camera? Worth a try.


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Yesterday I went to North Adams to photograph the work of painter and sculpture Eric Rudd. He has created some enormous sculptures made of lexan, a plastic developed by General Electric They are exhibited in a church that Eric has purchased. Unfortunately it is difficult to photograph the works because of the windows and structures of the church that are hard to eliminate in the photos. So I tried various techniques to see what I could do. Here is one of them.


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