I’ve been inspired looking at some of the photos in my website at full size. What I have on NYC is so scant, I’m gradually uploading more.

All of these can be found in my New York City gallery.

Entrance to the New York Aquarium



The current batch was taken at the New York Aquarium.









There is beauty everywhere in the world, but some of the most exotic is underwater. I had the good fortune of going to the New York Aquarium and seeing these beautiful fish , so colorful. I was taken especially by the two that seemed to be conversing and by the always beautiful jelly fish.

The Meeting

Jelly Fish

Silver Fish






White Fish

Turtles Head


Times Square

 Times Square, often called the crossroads of the world, is best seen at night. It is the epitome of the city’s energy.









Winter in New York City

If you’ve never lived in New York in the winter, it is an experience. Mayor Lindsey almost lost his job because the streets were not plowed immediately. I remember the day I stood in the middle of Broadway after an enormous snow storm and there wasn’t a single car to be seen. This is what it can look like. 

Winter can be cold and miserable. I tried to record this one stormy day in New York City. Four  people were crossing the street in midtown with the heavy snow swirling around them. It’s cold!! I know; I was there.