Here is a photo taken in Sibiu in Transylvania.

Transylvania is in Romania but before the First World Ward it was Hungary. I had the good fortune of travelling through the land of the fictional Dracula. As I was walking through the central square of Sibiu, I happened to look back and saw tow men intently talking with each other. As with many of my photos I try to capture the moment before it disappears. The striped pants, the derby hat and the open cafe are all so eastern European. I love this portrait.  Look for it in Hungary

  I know my heart is really in New York City. I’ll be visiting it the beginning of May. It’s been a long, long time. So here is a NYC photo.

When people think of the Brooklyn Bridge, they usually think of the arches. But it is the cables that made the bridge possible, cables that were not available until the time of the bridge.


Here is another for New York City.

When I think of fountains I often think of the master works in Europe, especially in Italy. But right here in New York City, just a few steps from city hall, is this lovely fountain. It’s not large but it is special. I hope I’ve captured it. 

 You can find these in the New York City portfolio