One day , I sat on my patio trying to photograph Humming Birds as they came to my feeder. They are so fast it is hard to capture them in the camera. Nevertheless I caught one of them as he was turning in midair to come for the nectar. I wanted to see if I could add the magic of this tiny bird in a photography. This is the result.




Far away off the coast of Wales is tiny Skomer Island, a magnificent bird sanctuary in the Irish Sea. The cliffs are full of hundreds of sea birds including the Puffins, who spend their lives on the ocean. They come to land to dig holes in the earth to lay their eggs. I watched them come with fish in their beaks for the little ones. They are exquisitely colorful and are not afraid of humans. I was able to walk within a few feet of them to take their picture.



As you can see in one of the photos, there are small wings for their round bodies, but I was told they could fly at 40 miles per hour. They were a joy to watch.