Here are more bird photos

I’ve purchased a new 700 mm lens and it makes all the difference.

I sit on a chair on my deck and wait for the birds to appear then try to get them in focus before they disappear. They are not cooperative but they are beautiful.

The instant they know I’m around they disappear. 

These photos have joined my other bird friends in the Bird portfolio.

American Gold Finch


The goldfinches come every day, sometimes 20 at a time.




Mourning Dove

Two mourning doves, who live most of the day perched on utility wires, come every morning.





Hairy Woodpecker


The hairy woodpecker and I have been playing a game. Every time He sees me, he hides behind a pole, but this morning I was lucky.





This photo of the nuthatch is unusual because, most of the time, I see them coming down a tree, head first.