Here are some new photos that I have added to various albums:

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Tracks leaving the Hoosac tunnel

Tracks leaving the Hoosac tunnel






Pine Hill Orchard - apples - r



These are apples in the Pine Hill Orchard on the way from Whitingham to Greenfield. Hungry?


Ernie Thompson - cropped - r

Ernie Thompson
I don’t know about Ernie yet. I’m having lunch with him in a few days. He came up to me on the street in Bennington as I was photographing the catamount. I told him I was looking for someone who knew and loved Bennington. He recommended the head of the Better Bennington Society, whose office was close by. Ernie said he loved Bennington and had lived there all his life. (He had not visited Ireland yet!) As I was walking back to my car after going to the Better Bennington Corporation, he was parking his car nearby and walked over to ask if I had made an appointment. I had, but then I said why didn’t I meet with him.


Pot Holes - 2 - r

Pot Holes, Shelburne Falls, Vermont

This photo doesn’t show the pot holes but it does show what the water, over time, has done to the rocks.



Wow - reduced

Sea Star




5 reduced” A More Perfect Union.”