I’m getting more interested in abstract photos and reflections and distortions. I have changed the “Reflections” gallery to “Reflections, Distortions and Abstractions” where you can find these photos.

My car gets pretty dirty driving on Vermont’s dirt roads so I go to the car wash frequently. Before I left however I made sure my camera was on the seat beside me   At last I reached the car wash and was relaxing as the brushes whirled and the water cascaded over the car. But there was a car immediately in front of me. What a photo it would make with the bright back lights distorted by the water.  It took me only a couple of seconds to remove the lens cap and point the camera to see through my window. No time to focus or check the shutter speed. JUST SHOOT! I love the results. I hope of you do too.

The second photo is completely different.


One of my favorite roads now is the back road to Greenfield, Massachusetts. That’s where I photographed a couple of barns and the gray house that turned out to be surprisingly magical. Now, when I see it, I try to capture some of the life of rural Vermonters and people in Massachusetts. As I was riding  past old barns and rickety farms I passed a house with a rocking chair on the front porch. I kept driving but thought “No, turn around. That’s a great picture.” I did and this is the result. See the foam rubber cushions and the porch with fancy wood work on the columns. I can imagine the owner sitting there enjoying the fall afternoon. And the reddish color. It’s wonderful.


I can see the direction I’m going with photos. First were the reflection of trees, then the butcher shop where the meats in the window were out of focus but the butcher could be seen in a small part of the photo. Then there was the dog seen through a rainy window. Finally the almost abstract photo in a car wash.


This photo, though taken of a real object, was pushed to the limit of total abstraction. The colors are intentionally bright.