Old woman with a cane in Szent Antalfa

This photo has a story.

Maria, my wife, and I were bicycling in the small village of Szent Antalfa in Hungary when I saw a dirt road leading down a small hill. “Lets go this way,” I said. Walking up the road was an old lady with a kerchief on her head and a cane in her hand. “Ask her if I can photograph her?” I asked. The old lady said yes. Then she asked us to accompany her to her home, a small cottage with a thatched roof and dirt floor. She must have been starved for someone to talk with because she kept telling us stories about the village (in Hungarian, of course) and didn’t want us to leave. I figured she was old enough to be everyone in the village’s grandmother or great grandmother. That is what is so wonderful about small towns, everyone see.

Can be found in Hungary.


Brian Donelson

A portrait of Brian Donelson. Brian is a retired business man who has always been interested in trains. He decided he would explore the literature about trains many many years ago in the north west corner of Massachusetts and discovered there was none. So, he took it upon himself to do the research and published two wonderful volumes called “The Coming of the Train.”

I visited with him one afternoon and took this portrait.

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Elizabeth Small -- b&w

Here is another black and white portrait. The lady is the curator of the Bennington Center for the Arts. I spent two hours with her yesterday talking about the Center and the arts in Bennington. Her husband was largely responsible for building and financing the facility. It has a really fine collection of art.


P.S. Her name is Elizabeth Small


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