Three GeeseEvery morning I drive to Jacksonville to get the morning paper. The road goes by two ponds called Clara Lake and, as I pass I always look for birds. One morning there were three Canada Geese majestically swimming along, so I stopped the car, hurriedly tried to focus before they disappeared. Here is the result. (can be found in the Birds)






You can add this nuthatch to the collection. I have a new 400mm lens that makes bird photography better. This little fellow was sitting outside on my birdbath.





Tufted Guineafowl

Today I was driving to the hills above Shelburne Falls to take a photo from some high ledges of the town. On one of the many back roads a flock a game birds crossed the road and ran into a field. I had never seen them before. I l looked them up in The Sibley Field Guide to Birds of Eastern North America where they were identified as Tufted Guineafowls that have been intentionally released in the eastern United States.





Blue Jay






Purple Finch - Male and Female




I’ve set up my tripod in the dining room and used a 100-400 mm lens to finally capture a focused bird shot. Purple Finch – Male and Female.





Redwinged Blackbird


Redwinged Blackbird