Highland steerYesterday I was invited to go to Rowe Highlands Farm. One of the things I wanted to photography was the Highland Steer. The steer you see pictured was rejected by the mother at birth , because a bear was approaching. It was brought up by Jack and Susan Williams, who bottle fed him. He is a Highlands Steer, a breed cultivated in Scotland. This fellow is very gentle. He has so much hair, he is kept outside all winter.

Can be found in Vermont.







IFarm like to buy my food in the Big Y super market in Greenfield, Massachusetts. Driving back home through Colrain, Massachusetts I saw a an interesting looking  farm along the road, I parked the car along the busy highway and walked into the field with my camera. Here is the result. There are two photos: one showing the whole complex, the other showing a detail so you can see the laundry hanging out to dry.

Can be found in Vermont.



Farmhouse with laundry drying







Apple orchard in AprilAt first I didn’t think this photo was worth much but, the more I look at it, the more I like it. Like the farm  photo and during the same trip, my eye caught the sun on the branches of the still empty apple trees. So I parked and scrambled over the gutter into the field. It’s the combination of the scraggly branches and the wonderful light that make the photo for me.

Can be found in Vermont.




Eric Peterson

Yesterday I drove to Bennington to see Eric Peterson. He is a professional actor that started a theater company in Bennington, Vermont that has been going for many years. He was able to find the money to convert an old downtown building into a theater with a stage, lobby and offices. I know what it takes to do this.

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