Books by Richard Marshall:

  • Escape from Tyranny: The Incredible Life of Maria Tomasz
  • Hungary: A Yankee in Magyar Land
  • Where is Purvis Street?
  • The Secret Agent: The Creation of a New American Opera
  • Emily and Martin: The Story of a Wedding
  • Center for Contemporary Opera: Thirty Years and Counting
  • A Home in the Country
  • My Vermont
  • The World as I See It: Photos by Richard Marshall
  • Behind the Curtain: A Life in Opera

Most of these books can be found at


  • Alice in Wonderland by Peter Westergaard
  • Sorry Wrong Number by Composer Jack Beeson: Albany Records
  • Practice in the Art of Elocution by Composer Jack Beeson: Albany Records
  • Mario and the Magician by Composer Francis Thorne and J.D. McClatchy: Albany Records
  • The Bald Soprano by Composer Martin Kalmanoff: The Cinema Guild

Photo Credits:

  • Cover of Fodor Travel Guide Budapest edition: Photo of the Danube and the Parliament Building
  • Back cover of How Operas are Created by Composers and Librettists: Portrait of Jack Beeson by Jack Beeson
  • Promotional photos used to promote opera in Vienna