Barn at Vermont- Massachusetts border

     I’m fascinated by barns, particularly old barns, and most of all barns that are falling down. I wouldn’t like to own them, but they make great photos. Unfortunately, many of the farms in northern Massachusetts (these photos were taken in Colrain, MA) and in Vermont are no longer profitable and the barns are left to decay. Tomorrow heavy snow is predicted, so I thought I’d better go exploring today. There was one road in particular which went south from my home in Whitingham, Vermont. It was not on my map. With twists and turns, sometimes paved, often dirt, it went by many small farms with their barns. Here are two that were most charming.





You can find these in my Barns portfolio




Barn – Whitingham

     I don’t know why I am so infatuated with barns,  but I am. This morning, on the way to Bennington for an interview, i passed this old snow covered wreck in Whitingham. I’m sure, if it isn’t torn down, it will go the way of the leaning silo.






Garage on 8A

 I’m becoming attracted to decay. Think of all the old barns I’ve posted. This photo is not like a Hopper painting nor the famous tomato soup can. The snowbound. garage is on Route 8A on the fringes of Whitingham, Vermont. It captures my imagination and I keep coming back to look at it.