On my way to Bennington I always try to stop at the Krijnen (don’t pronounce the ‘j’) Bakery. That’s the one with an orange bicycle hanging by the entrance, Their pastries are excellent. Well, not to be outdone by the bicycle, there is a spectacular looking wooden shoe near the highway. I once took a photo of two brilliantly colored red shoes on a woman eating lunch outdoors in London. But this wooden shoe is hard to beat. But my feet rebel from trying walking in it.


Vermont is farming country, especially dairy farming. Think Cabot and Grafton Cheese, Organic Valley Cooperatives and cows pasturing everywhere, including in my meadow. So, walking into a store selling a little bit of everything in Bennington, I was not surprised to see this collage on display. WELCOME TO THE FARM!



Today I was interviewing the Head of The Academy at Charlemont , a private preparatory school in Massachusetts. I came a little early and was wandering the halls to see what might be interesting. WELL THERE WAS SOMETHING! Hanging from the ceiling was a multicolored creation. Is it a painted garden hose? Whatever it is, I can’t stop looking at it. It’s mesmerizing. This one is not actually in Vermont but I like to include it here as Vermont and environs.



These photos are in the Vermont protfolio