Bob Borter

I keep meeting artists as I work on my book “A Ramble with Betsy through Small-town Vermont.

Yesterday I climbed up twenty steep steps in an old building in the center of Brattleboro and walked down a long corridor to the workshop of Bob Borter. Bob is a self taught  creator of fine jewelry. Most of the pieces I saw were made of silver or stones like turquoise, which he cuts and polishes. He said he was able to buy his first silver as a young man from the proceeds from preparing other people’s tax forms. As we talked, I persuaded him to sit on a chair near a window, so there was a chance of at least some light shining on him. As we talked I kept taking photos. This one was the most compelling. He was an interesting person as you can imagine by looking at the portrait. You can find this photo in my Black and White Portrait Gallery.



I have been interviewing artists of all kinds for a book I’m writing. One was a painter using acrylics. I photographed her working and her studio. One photo I liked was of her paint. Here it is. This can be found in my Vermont Stories gallery.