Fall is a beautiful time of the year in Vermont and I have captured some scenes this year.

Fall Reflections

Fall Reflections: The beautiful fall leaves reflected in Clara Lake, Whitingham, Vermont.

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Dragon Fly

Dragon Fly: I walked out on to my deck on a sunny day and there was a dragon fly resting on a railing. I was surprised it was black. The photo was taken with a macro lens and came out surprisingly sharp.

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Bee on a yellow Mum

Bee: Three mums were put out in pots on my deck: a rust colored, a purplish one and a yellow one. Only the yellow one attracted insects, mostly bees. Of course a the bees don’t stay sill so a photo can be taken. Nevertheless I captured on with the intense yellow background.

You can find this photo in Small Things.



Trees reflecting in Gates Pond

Reflection: There is a large body of water called Gates Pond in Jacksonville, Vermont. Most of it is covered with vegetation but on shaded end is clear. I was fortunate to see these two large trees reflected in the water and tried to photograph only the reflection. It is something like the photo I took earlier on the Deerfield River when it was raining.

You can find this photo in Reflections.